Sewing_tips_straight_lineThis may seem a silly place to start but as a novice sewist one of the hardest parts of sewing I find is accuracy and sewing a straight line. I’m an impatient sewist and want my project to be completed as quick as possible so I’m not the most neatest of sewists!

As a an avid craftsperson I have a stash of craft goodies, so when I started on my first clothing makes (a simple elasticated skirt) I had some Washi tape at hand to aid me in sewing a simple straight line.


Washi tape originates from Japan (a fairly new invention from 2006). Washi tape has boomed over the years and has been used all for so many creative projects, just check out the hundreds of ideas on Pinterest.

The best thing about washi tape (apart from the stunning colours and patterns) is the glue, it sticks well to paper  but easy to peel off) and also rough surfaces, but not so much on anything else, so washi will not leave a sticky residue behind on your sewing machine or fabrics.

Using washi tape (compared to using the guide on your machine) gives you a bit more flexibility when sewing. For example I find it useful using a length of washi to help me guide in my fabric to help gain a straight sewing line. It’s also useful as a guide when your seam allowance is larger than your sewing machine’s allowance guides. Here’s some examples:


Here I’m using the tape to help me guide in the fabric, and I’m also using (roughly) an 8mm seam allowance, so slightly less than the 10mm on the sewing machine’s guide.



Here (this is on a skirt hem) I’m using quite a wide allowance so have created my own guide with my washi tape.

After writing this post it seems I’m not the only one, Heather here from the Sewing Loft uses it for quilt cutting guides and keeping small pieces of fabric in place, she has a whole list of uses here.

And this How to Sew blog also has some good uses for it too, from organising your supplies to displaying your work on the wall.

You can buy washi from most high street stationers like Paperchase , but you can get them from online stores such as Hobbycraft, huge selections on Etsy and of course Amazon.

Do you use washi tape other than sewing a straight line? I’d love to hear your washi tape tips and ideas!