The life-cycle of a t-shirt

OK so there’s more posting here of how things are made rather than me making them but I wanted to share this video of the life-cycle of a t-shirt by Angle Chang – another eye opener on how much environmental damage and health risks are part of the process of making your average high-street t-shirt. This video can also be found via Ted Talks.

Where do your clothes come from: an animated journey

You might have read my previous blog post about Fashion Revolution week coming up in April where they are trying to bring more transparency of the clothing manufacturing process to the consumer, I found this great (and cute!) animated video by Finnish animator Pikkukala who bring stories to life with their kid-friendly animations.

Their Long Story Short animation on how your clothes go from farm to high street is a real eye-opener to the lengthy process that’s involved with getting your clothes to stores. It’s well worth a watch!

Fashion Revolution week 24-30th April 2017

Fashion Revolution who made my clothes

If you, like me, are interested in finding out more on where your clothes and fabrics are made then keep and eye out for Fashion Revolution week from the 24th to 30th April.

This week is highlighting the muggy and complex manufacturing process of getting clothes from the (cotton) farm, to the mill to the high street shop with the aim to make the process clearer to the consumer so you can make informed choices when buying your clothes and fabric.

You can find out about events in your area here.

There are many ways to take part, via social media to thinking about your buying choices – find out more on the Fashion Revolution website.