Zipper box wash bag

Thanks to this YouTube tutorial from Melanie Ham I made the hubby a new wash bag to replace his worn out one. It’s made from his old jeans (I have lots of them) and spotty blue cotton for the lining and a zipper, both from my stash. His old wash bag was the same boxy design so I wanted a similar one to fit his shaving gel and deodorant as some bags can be a bit too small to accommodate larger toiletries! This bag is about 20cm long, 14 cm wide and 10cm tall (however the tutorial is all in inches because it’s from the US!).


This bag is especially good as it’s washable and cost me nothing to make (except my time!)

I kept the seams from the jeans a. as a feature and b. because I was being thrifty and wanting the make the most out of the denim material.

In the video tutorial Melanie zig zags the seams but as I just got a serger a few months ago I decided to use this on the finishing instead of the zigzag as she suggests for the base and corners. You could also cut out some of the sewing by using only the serger on some parts of the bag which I may do next time.

I left out the interfacing as I thought the denim would be thick enough to hold it’s shape but I would definitely include it on cotton or thinner fabric next time.

I love the tab detail that makes it more professional looking and you could include D rings in if you wanted to add a strap.

From start to finish this took me about 2 hours (I had to unpick the lining fabric at the start as the lining was an old pillowcase, and the first stitch sewing the zip on I put the outer the wrong way round – doh. I also made a pattern template for next time with baking paper).

The tutorial was easy to follow and I would definitely sew this again and try another of Melanie’s videos as the instructions were simple and clear.

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